#073: It’s Just Thong

Pod Description:

Amanda Bynes tweets Ming. Walt & Q talk comics.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen


“He died of Full Blown AIDS!” – Mike Zapcic

Reoccuring Segments:

I Sell Comics Song Contest submissions played

Memorable Moments:

Bry asks Ming why it’s easier for him to be nicer to strangers than his own family

Ming is in love with Amanda Bynes because she reminds him of his wife… even though his wife IS his wife.

Ben Affleck may or may not have placed his balls on Ming when he used to work for him.

Walt talks about MLB pitcher Doc Ellis who claims to have thrown a no hitter on LSD.  Q says he would love to try LSD but the fire department does random drug tests.

Superheroes who were replaced by black guys is discussed.  Miles Morales in Ultimate SpiderMan.  James Rhodes in Iron Man.

Walt writes a love song for his wife and a musician named RADZ puts it to music.  This will be heard on Overkill #8: Turn Me On, Dead Man

Bry used to be obsessed with recycling and would dig through peoples trash to recycle for them.  He blames Pam for this obsessive behavior.


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