#077: Puppetry For A Penis

Pod Description:

Ming answers for his sins. Hurricane talk.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic


“And I guarantee you he ain’t fucking saying that to this cop. His attitude right there, he is not talking that way to that cop.” “The chip goes hiding in a meek little cave.” Walt

“In the end, you just kinda look at the guys making fun of you and you just gotta be like what the fuck, man. You know, one guy, he lives in his mother’s basement.” “Well you know Walt, he puts three things in his mouth. He doesn’t eat anything and he hates the world.” Ming on Kev’s show

Memorable Moments: 

The boys survive Hurricane Irene with minimal damage. Bry gets yelled at by an asshole in waders for walking around observing flood damage. Walt thinks it’s Bry’s fault because he has a visible chip on his shoulder. Q rescues people stuck on a boat.

Bry plays a recording of Ming’s appearance on one of Kev’s pods claiming Ming has some things to answer for, making fun of Bryan for living in Pam’s basement and Walt for being a picky eater. Walt lists all of Ming’s fuckups: bugging the store, taking ads in magazines, the spanish coupons.

Competitive eating is discussed leading Walt to come up with the White Castle contest for the next show.

Q rails against Gitem who is squatting on the domain name.

Walt wants puppets made for an upcoming live show.


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