Live at the Count Basie

Pod Description:



Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen


Kevin Smith

Mentioned Person:

Sunday Jeff

Thorne Winter

Pam Johnson


“I’ve got this idea for revenge, we put pantyhose on and walk out of the house nude.” – Walt

Reoccuring Segments:

Puck Nuts

Memorable Moments:

The puppets are unveiled and Bry immediately wants to give up the bit due to a kink in his back.

Walt has told no one that he is doing this show calling this his double life, Bry alternatively has brought the entire family.

Bry gives his nephew Hunter a hypothetical scenario as a Jr Police Deputy keeping two fighting “queens” apart in a cell, but the warden says he has to strip out of his uniform because they can’t risk it getting ripped.

Ming uses the TESD puppets to mimic how he thinks the guys treat him, with Bry acting as Ming.  Ming doesn’t go after Bry and Walt nearly hard enough so Bry takes over all three puppets which ends in a Bry and Q gang rape of Ming.

Bry tells a story of shutting down a make out session Walt was having with a girl they met at a roller rink as teens.

Bry and a friend get a bizzarre revenge against a grumpy neighbor as 14 year olds, where they stripped nude except for stockings and fencing masks waking him up at 3 AM.


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