#086: Kardashian Mayonnaise Puss

Pod Description:

Q is a dead ringer for Sluggo. Sunday Jeff crawls out from under his rock.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Ming Chen

Reoccuring Segments:

Punk Nuts Minute & Suicide of the week

Memorable Moments:

Q tells Bry and Walt about “Garfield minus Garfield”.

Bry is nostalgic about a comic strip called Nancy.

Q recounts a tale of heroism from the fire department where he descends into a watery pit to restart generators.

Walt plans a TESD thanksgiving broadcast from Boston Market.

Mings tiger penis XMAS commercial.

Bryan will box Khloe Kardashian for money.

Walt does not want Sunday Jeff on CBM to keep him normal.

People are suicidal because they don’t live on the planet Pandora from Avatar.

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