#089: Don’t Judge Me, Bro!

Pod Description:

Thanksgiving talk. An ill-fated crowd surfer meets an ornery Q.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen

Frank #3

Rob Bruce


“It’s not where the fucking table is at it’s who is at the fucking table” -Walt

“it’s not gitem’s fault he’s into Zippos it’s our fault for thinking he should come to table and it’s going to be interesting” – Walt

“that’s what I love about you; you always have to find something to be pissed at” -Ming

Memorable Moments:

It’s a TESD Thanksgiving full of special guests.  Walt makes Sunday Jeff read the family prayer.

Ming compares being around Walt and Bry to being a kick boxer kicking a tree and Walt wants to know if Ming’s the tree or the shin

Bry talks about Walt getting a message and the guy that did the message was busted for groping customers – Walt doesn’t recall it.

Sunday Jeff claims to have never been drunk, Joe Gatto has never had a single drink.  Q says being drunk is a lot of fun.  Walt wonders what percentage of the country just lives to get blottoed.  Q quotes “Everybody’s working for the Weekend.”

Q ponders creating a bonus podcast on vinyl.  Walt originally scoffs at the idea but then asks if he can paint the cover.

Bry finds out Sunday Jeff has a brother and sister.

The guys talk about crowd surfing.

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