#090: Lily-livered Marsupial Stew

Pod Description:

Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Walt rescues humanity from the internet.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Holy Mother of God! Am I wide!”- Bry

“Do they need a shout out from some low lives like us?”  – Walt

“People need that though, man. They need to feel that they’ve achieved something even if it is as empty as having 5 iron waffles in your arm.” -Walt

“How proud I am of New Jersey. How great I think it is. So fucking tired of hearing how great New York it. It fucking sucks.” Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q introduces PonyBoy, EK Morris‘ musician wife.  Q says Ian Morris and Pony Boy are a power couple, so Bry wonders what Suzanne is doing to pull her side.

Courage My Love thanked TESD on their album.

TESD give lots of shout outs this episode.

Walt sneakily takes a bunch of plastic bags from Foodtown as the Stash had no bags on Black Friday.

Walt says he would destroy the internet for killing small business.

According to Bry, Walt patronizes WalMat, but Walt says that it is to rip them for their toys so he can sell them for a profit in his small business.  Q refuses to mourn the big box stores.

Around 19, Bry and Walt went to Seaside with Ed and he had pepper spray. He sprayed it without taking into account the wind direction and got it in his eyes.

A judge is videod beating his daughter for illegally downloading music


Pony Boy

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