#091: Cindy’s Fuck Truck

Pod Description:

The Space Monkeys blast into orbit when Walt bows out for the week.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Sunday Chloe

Mentioned Person:

Joe Gatto

Chris Laudando


“What happened to my skinny Gatto?” Bry

Reoccuring Segment

Space Monkeys

Twitter Questions

Memorable Moments:

Sunday Jeff’s daughter Sunday Chloe keeps peeking out from behind the spinner racks.

Q gives Bry advice for the CBM photo shoot, play it serious or else they will use your joke shot and make you look a fool.

BQ was defender of the meek as a teenager and would protect his brother who was getting picked on.

According to Q, the sluts in highschool are the ones growing up to be MILFs. Bry recounts the story of Cindy who would drive guys around in her van having sex with them.

Q schools Bry on what constitutes sexual harassment at Staten Island College, asking a girl out more than once. People who ruin their careers by posting on facebook.

TruTV starts up an unofficial Q twitter account and starts hawking Hardcore Pawn. Q is enraged.

Bry imagines keeling over with a heart attack in the middle of a food court while teenage girls stand around playing angry birds rather than call 911.

Bry tells of when he was travelling in Joshua Tree and found out his sister was pregnant with Sage and she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Bryan moves East to help with Sage.

Q reminds Bry of a 10 year old bet on whether VHS tapes would still be used as of 2012. Bry owes Q a trip to Vegas.

Bry tells of a distant relative “Fluffer Johnson” who as a prostitute but still come home for Thanksgiving dressed like a prostitute. A friend of Bryan’s who is a porn actress spent her Christmas “crotch dancing” at a local club, Bry spends the holiday seeing Black Christmas by himself, making him wonder who had the more depressing Christmas. Bry and Q want Space Monkeys to interview a fluffer.

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