#096: He Man Woman Haters Club

Pod Description:

Walt and Bry respond to some unlikely haters. Ming dances with the devil.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen


“How the fuck are you going to go against te bow you fuckin’ Christian!” – Walt

“Hey Bookie, this is Lady Chinky Eyes, I want bet against Tebow!” -Bry as Ming

Memorable Moments:

CBM gets some negative press from Jill Pentazi, a woman who auditioned for the show but was ultimately not cast. She accuses Kevin smith and amc of perpetuating a stereotype that women don’t read comics.  Bry reaffirms that it has nothing to do with women not reading comics but that the chemistry just wasn’t there compared to four guys that have known each other over 15 years.

Walt requests a paper mache day of the dead skull.

Bry sends condolences to Kev about his dog scully dying, people on twitter thought it was Kev who died. Bry takes scully for a walk and comes across public sex acts.

Ming makes a wager on a football game and loses $100 for betting against Tebow, which delights and annoys Walt.

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