#097: Nothing Comes Between Me And My Dickies

Pod Description:

Spitball session on making a viral video. Walt and Bry reminisce about their days as pizza deliverymen.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Tom Mumme 


“Oooh, why are his pants so TIGHT?” -Walt quoting his wife at seeing Bry delivering pizza.

“I’m the Leif Erickson of underage boobs” -Bry

Memorable Moments:

The monkey riding a turtle from the TESD Town hoodie first appears as a viral video idea


Q Walt and Bry exchange titillating stories where they saw unexpected nudity as teenagers.   Q spots a neighbor putting on a sexy bunny costume on Halloween.  Walt is surprised  collecting money on a paper route when the homeowners daughter exits the bathroom in just a towel.

Bry and Walt work at Dominoes.  Walt’s mom is hesitant to buy the expensive dickies claiming he won’t last a week at the job.  The job trainer is like a drill sergeant forcing them to hustle, running each time they leave to go on a delivery.  As a 26 year old delivery boy Bry’s brother Erik plays a joke where one of his high school friends offers to pay for the pizza in sexual favors. Bry sees through the ruse.


EW posts an unfavorable article on Comic Book Men and Bry is censored with his response.



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