#098: SMing, SMike, and The SMabulous SModding SMachine

Pod Description:

Q returns from abroad. Walt suggests the ultimate pod showdown.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen


“If I want my life to be 100% Gitemless to the day I die, I can achieve that” – Q

“I always said under different circumstances me and Gitem would be friends, we’d hang out” Walt

Memorable Moments:

Q returns from Costa Rica a more laid back person, fears a sandbag from Bry and Walt.

Q starts getting positive feedback from IJ from people going through tough times being able to laugh again.

Mike and Ming have taken over SIR as they are podding daily live from the Stash.

Miscommunication about a photo taken for Vinylcast leaves Ming and Walt annoyed at Bry.

Ming tricks TESD into talking about Kev and the daily Smorning Show.

As a kid Ming wanted to be a sports caster when he grew up, Bry wanted to be a serial killer.

Walt wants another another all game episode with even greater risk, the loser’s podcast must host Gitem for six months, for the added visibility to Gitem’s “brand” Walt wants the website signed over.


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