#101: Two Deviants And A Dolt

*Featured Image by Jeff Gibson

Pod Description:

Haters get theirs. Bry, Ming, and Q play Two Rants And A Ruse. Pod Olympics plan is finalized.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mike Zapcic

Game Played:

Rant or Ruse

Commercial #1:  AT&T Bitch Wife.  Is Walt angry that the woman can demean her husband but the roles could never be reversed and still be comedic?

Commercial #2:  Dingleberry Bears.  Is Walt angry that cartoon bears are being used to talk about tiny wads of toilet paper caught in your ass hairs?

Commercial #3: Sexy Baby:  Is Walt angry that a little boy baby is being sexualized surrounded by beautiful women but the roles could never be reversed and still be cute.

Memorable Moments:

IJ has been bringing in new listeners to TESD

Chris Sims from comics alliance hits back at Bryan Johnson after Bry writes a response to an anti CBM article.

Q accuses sal of playing up his reactions for tv with falling down all the time .

Grandpa Q insists Q go back to the home country for a wife, like Frank 4.

Walt plans the pod Wars between TESD and I Sell Comics

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