#102: Wild Wild West

Pod Description:

After deciding they have no business weighing in on important issues… well, you know what’s gonna happen.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


White girls don’t like asians -Q

Memorable Moments:

Walt overhears a girl at a local supermarket say that Comic Book Men had the ugliest people ever on TV, not realizing he was right there.

Q tells Walt and Bry about the Irish curse.

Walt on the Misinformation podcast stated he was “shackled” by TESD not to talk about Git ‘Em.

Could Git ‘Em be the leader of Anomynous? Q thinks they are heroes.

Bry uses all of AMCs resources to make a Staten Island joke targeting an audience of one. Walt stands up for SOPA and berates people who torrent music and movies.

PonyBoy covers “Butterfly Crime Scene


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