#103: Come One, Come All!

Pod Description:

Walt, Q, and Ming get the inside scoop on the life, the times, and the dangers of tiger piss from members of the greatest show on Earth!


Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Colin and John the Circus Guys


“Too bad you weren’t conditioned on like the Iron Cross instead of looking at a nerdy computer” – Walt to Ming.

“Only bad mother fuckers deserve to get tattoos” – Walt

“Oh I’d be a horrible clown” – Q

“You gotta like trip and then roll into a vagina” – Q teaching Ming how to bang like a clown

“So Siegfried and Roy were working with those cats for years and they were just waiting for him to fall over just once?” Walt

“I’ve been to the circus with my kids many times and the clowns are constantly out, at some point I’m just like ‘alright, enough'” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

A circus theme is played in lieu of the traditional TESD opening.

Colin and John from a “Big name circus troupe” visit the Stash.  Colin works in transportation for the group and helps train the tigers, John is a clown.  They talk about how when you are in the circus it is hard to follow the outside world as you are in it 24/7.

They each discuss how they joined the circus and what the decision making process was to make such a drastic life change.  Colin and his wife both decided to join at the same time, she works in the wardrobe department.

John talks about clowns having to perform to distract people from horrible accidents that might happen.  John and his fellow clowns have the record for longest emergency “walk around” while people try to take care of the problem back stage.

John says that clowns would purposefully eat Mexican food before cramming in a clown car to make the others uncomfortable with terrible gas.

Clown groupies who have fetishes for the makeup.  Walt likens it to Mary Jane getting turned on by the Spider Man costume.

Q unveils the big secret that he owns a cat for the first time.  He likens his experience as a cat owner to Colin having to train the large tigers and how dangerous they can be.

A clown breaks his neck during a routine but has to go on with the show.

John’s optimism makes Ming look like Bry.

Colin tells of weaponized tiger piss, as they can shoot very far.


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