#106: Space Monkeys – Mosier And Vulcano

Pod Description:

On a recent trip to LA, Quinn sits down with Sal and Scott to discuss douche-bag rental cars and other facts of life. Special appearance by Brian Lynch!


Brian Quinn

Sal Vulcano

Scott Mosier

Brian Lynch


“Vulcano that’s a good name, it’s mythical. You could be a hero, you’re not, but you could be” Mosier

“That’s what we do on Space Monkeys, we ask loaded questions and shoot loads” Q

Memorable Moments:

Q and Sal are on the West Coast and sit down with Scott Mossier to record a quick Space Monkeys Pod.

Mossier talks about being a citizen of both US and Canada.

Did Q rent a douchey car when in LA?

Q and Sal went on Bagged and Boarded with Matt Cohen and interviewed a porn star. Pina Colada mix is forever tainted for Mossier when he finds out it is used as fake cum on porn sets.

Scott gives a Producers perspective on Sal and Qs experiences from IJ.

When Q leaves the table Mossier gives Sal a crash course on podcasting.

Brian Lynch shows up to join the conversation.

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