Vinylcast I

Pod Description:

It might be the worlds first ever podcast released on vinyl. It features Walt Flanagan artwork on the sleeve. How could you miss this?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“If you got- if you got a- Yeah, if you’ve got a close to fifty year old man on the panel you can use who was alive in the 70s, you use him… The only thing he is good for is fuckin useless information like that.” – Walt

“When guys with giant pubic bushes were tearing around in public” – Bry

“I don’t wanna give away a fuckin’ free vinyl, you should have ordered it if you wanted it” – Walt

Game Played:

Win a Vinyl

Memorable Moments:

Walt reveals an alternate name for this project was “Inapodadavida”.

Walt unveils the album cover to Bry and Q who haven’t seen it before.The epic cover of the vinylcast is dissected to reveal all it’s secrets.

The Flying Monkey Head represents the Space Monkeys.  Behind that is a Godzilla like Eugene the Iguana, a short lived mascot of TESD.  Under Eugene is a fluttering angel made out of blue light with the Star of David on his face.  This represents Sunday Jeff who Walt calls “an angel sent by God to work at the Stash and podcast occasionally.  The centerpiece of the art is Gitem Steve Dave who represents all listeners.  He is injecting TESD directly into his iPod which blows his mind.  He is depicted with four eyes as he had the “foresight” to buy  To Gitem’s right is a cross made of Shure microphones to which Ming Chen is nailed to with Stiletto heals.  Behind Ming is the mighty SmodCastle in the clouds to represent Kevin and how he is always high.  Under that is the Collingswood sign from Making Hay.  At the bottom of the album are three animals that act as avatars of Bry Q and Walt.  Q is the mighty lion done in the colors of the United Kingdom staring down flaming mushrooms.  Bry is the crowned Turtle with bum legs.  Walt is the misshapen chicken creature, who even though is animalistic is still the closest to human out of the three.  Bry and Walt are fighting over a worm representing the bickering between them.

Bry, Walt, and Q tell what 10 albums they would have on their iPod if that is all they could ever listen to for the rest of their lives.  Bry misunderstands this activity and assumes he was trapped on a deserted island and so includes Spongebob soundtracks to think of Sage and TESD vinylcast so he can hear Walt and Q.  He also includes Josh Groban for when he is ready to kill himself.

Walt hosts a game for a listener, Rachel, to win a free Vinylcast.  The game consists of 3 rounds.

Round 1:  Walt lists two possible album titles from celebrities and the contestant must pick which is real and which is fake

Round 2:  Walt names a song title and the contestant must say whether the song reached #1 on the charts or not.

Round 3:  Walt makes the contestant list all 10 artists on the highest grossing artist list (he did not want to give away a free vinyl)

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