#108: Bottle Dump

Pod Description:

Walt, Quinn, and a Mystery Guest discuss the wonder and allure of 50 year old garbage.


Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Mentioned Person:



There’s bottles under them thar hills-Walt

Memorable Moments:

Git ‘Em is stopped by the police while walking down the train tracks carrying a machete on the way to the bottle dump because they have received complaints of a man carrying a sword and a gun.  Gitem refuses to believe they are talking about him because he doesn’t have a sword, just a machete.

Vinyl cast is shipped but Q forgot to thank J Sarge.

Ming has changed post Comic Book Men. Walt says a second season would be the worst thing to ever happen to him. Walt misses TESD before there were TV shows

International versions of the impractical jokers are being sold. The Dutch version is called “De Fukkers”.


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