#109: Dead Baby Pellets

Pod Description:

Bry talks rehab, Walt goes green, Q is imagined as a Dallas loving latchkey kid.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mike Zapcic

Ming Chen



“I’m more famous than you think bitches” Bry as Ming

“See ya later Bry we don’t love you!” Bry

“When’s the last time you were at the mouth of hell, like me?” Bry to Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bry opens the episode with a Rush Limbaugh impression just to call Walt a Prius Driving Cocksucker. Q is embarassed by his 2006 Honda Civic when an insurance adjuster turns out to be an IJ fan.

Brys emotions are on his sleeves as he runs out of his medicine. He wants to fight an old man who looked at him wrong as he cuts a corner too tight, and he is choked up watching CMB thinking about him and Walt’s friendship.

Bry’s getting surgery soon for hernia, he’s worried four days back from rehab his doctor is going to put him back on pain pills.

Bry tells the guys about his experiences in California for rehab. It was in a beautiful house in the Hollywood hills where a personal chef would cook filet mignon for dinner. Bry is awoken at 4 AM in rehab by an older lady screaming nonsensically outside his bedroom. He later finds out this lady had her frontal lobe removed and has no filter she would breathe huskily in Bry’s ear while kissing him, much to his chagrin. She claims to be a medium with a 97.45% success rate while interrupting in group therapy. Bry pals around with an anonymous celebrity friend while in rehab.

Ming goes to Chiller and gets Alice Cooper to record a spot for I Sell Comics, he does not confirm or deny calling the Stash that one time.

Bry and Walt go down the rabbit hole with competing Q voices imagining him watching Dallas on TV and confusing JR getting shot with the guy down the street at the deli.

Mike and Ming have a Comic Book Man appearance at Jacks Music store across the street without including Walt. It does not go over as big as Ming thought.

Bryan demands answers from Ming about the pill capsules made of ground dead babies in China.


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