#110: Which end is up?

Pod Description:

Walt demands a hot button issue be addressed. Bry receives a sexy letter from a listener.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen


12 year old kids now should be able to suck on their moms tits. – Walt

“You got no leg to stand on, your sand bag is useless” Q

“Alright lets get Walt” Bry

Memorable Moments:

A French girl sends Bry a sexy letter after developing a crush on him from Comic Book Men. In the steamy story the girl opts for the elevator rather than the stairs because of Brys bad knees and how easily he gets out of breath.

Q gets sandbagged with Bry wondering about his commitment to TESD now that he started the Tenderloins pod.

In a rare turn of events Walt brings up a Hot Button topic about the Time magazine cover with the 4 year old breast feeding from his mom. He claims they were going for incestuous tittilating undertones. Walt remembers back to when he was a kid at a family party up North and a small child walks over to his Mom, who you can’t tell which end is up, and begins breast feeding. Walt’s mom goes off at her and Walt wonders if thats where his aversion came from. Walt has gone on record that this is THE last time he ever expresses his true feelings about anything.


Alicia Silverstone prechews her kids food and mama birds it into their mouths.

Ming goes to a Con at Asbury Lanes.

Q is disappointed in a burlesque show at Sal’s bar.

An Egyptian guy is pronounced dead by doctors but after washing the corpse he returns to life.

Walt and Bry discuss the kidnapped Exxon mogul who died in captivity and the creepy ransom calls left by the kidnappers.  The audio is later played on #174: The 2013 TESD Halloween Spookshow


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