#113: What Mafia?

Pod Description:

With the help of a special guest, Bry & Q learn hanging upside down with a dildo jammed in your mouth is a bad thing.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn


Emily the Feminist


So the definition between sexism and not-sexism is honesty – Q

If I didn’t have a TV show I’d be hanging upside down with a dildo in my mouth – Bry

“Let me make, what we men call, an analogy if I may” Q to a feminist.

Reoccurring Segment:

Space Monkeys

Walt is too down to pod because of the Devil’s big loss and attributes it to a supersition since Bry said something on Pucknuts. Bryan says he and Walt had a little dust up because of it. Bryan was planning on doing a Puck Nutz (with a Z) to do a LA Kings Podcast” and have Pam cast a spell against the Devils as a joke against Walt, he is glad he didn’t go through with it. .

Q’s friendship with EK Morris grows.

Bry recounts coming home from rehab excited to see Sage for the first time and film her reaction, Suzanne locks keys in the car and Sage has an diarrhea accident. Bry doesn’t get his video and instead is grappled by a poop smeared kid.

Bry becomes pen pals with Richard Christie from Howard Stern, Suzanne gets jealous.

Bry asks where his party is that was promised in episode 107.

A complaint comes in about episode 112 being misogynistic with the wife attack dog, Bry and Quinn call Emily (TESD’s resident feminist) to talk about real feminism. Is hanging upside down having dildos shoved down your throat much worse than working a 9-5 that you hate? Are Booth Babes at conventions sexist? A model on an airplane publicly embarrasses a married man who hits on her on an airplane.

The Italian Mafia is called into question as a result of the Mafia Wives TV show.


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