#114: Wizzy in a Tizzy

Pod Description:

Can TESD be imploding…again?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


“Hearing you suck on that fuckin’ EK Morris dude’s balls!” – Walt to Q

“You don’t screw with the lineup until you lose!” – Walt defends leaving Bry off of Pucknuts.

“I’m just as much a part of Puck Nuts than any of you fuckers!” – Bry’s email to Walt

“Line up here boys to get your balls polished.  Get a nice shine on ’em!” – Bry about Mike and Ming’s interview practices.

“Oh wow, it’s been a while since I’ve gotten this one.” – Q  about Bry’s email about ending the show.

“I can be that troll that pops out from under my bridge to ridicule these guys.” – Bry

“Do you hear all that bullshit I’m spewing about Mike and Ming and you think I’m on the right path?  You it ain’t true!  How the fuck are they number one!?” – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bry wants to get inside the mind of a superstitious sports fan after Walt pulled him from the PuckNuts lineup because the Devils were on a winning streak for days that Bry wasn’t on the pod.  Bry had planned a bit of revenge by starting a competing LA Kings podcast and record his mom Pam perform a Wiccan spell cursing the Devils.  He is glad he didn’t go through with it after Walt’s strong reaction from him merely following the Kings on Twitter from the Steve Dave twitter account.

Comic Book Men season 2 has begun filming and Q notices the changes to the Stash with the fake counter put in for the show.

Ming declares himself the King of Podcasts and I Sell Comics hits number one on iTunes in the Visual Arts category.  Walt spends the entire episode defending ISC to Bry and Q only in the last minutes of the show to reveal he doesn’t mean any of it!

Walt declares he is getting off of Twitter since he doesn’t want to be responsible for writing something that could get Q fired from the FD, since you can never tell what he’ll do when he’s in a tizzy.

Walt is planning a vacation to Pennsylvania to go to an underground cave, a big mall, and a Golden Corral.

Q will judge Sam the Groupies status in the next episode if she doesn’t live up to the title.

Walt’s wife thinks the guys should be more positive on Comic Book Men and doesn’t understand why they are always busting on each other.

Bry’s Hero of the Week is a Texas man who beat his daughters would be rapist to death.

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