#116: Tales from the Chocolate Fountain

*Featured Image by Chip Telano from True Blue Tattoo in Austin, Texas

Pod Description:

Walt brings a game that challenges the boys moral codes. Bry bitches about stuff.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Listener John from Ireland


“Golden Corral is the rape of restaurants” – Q

“My first topic is Comic Store Heroes, the cocksuckers who ripped us off.” – Bry

“It’s better when Walt’s there, it’s better when Walt’s there, it’s funnier when Walt’s there.” – Bry as the listeners

“You can not be such a pissy bitch.” – Walt to Bry

“They proclaim the Chocolate Fountain to be like a deity.” – Walt

“I just rubbed your fuckin noses in my shit!” – Walt

Game Played:

Are You Worse Than Hitler

Memorable Moments:

Bry gets a bunch of negative feedback from the previous Walt-less episode.  Walt suggests getting off twitter all together like he has.

NatGeo has it’s own Comic Book Store show called Comic Store Heroes, filmed at Midtown Comics in New York.  They are touted as the “positive” comic book guys who respect and love their customers.  Q thinks it’d be funny to appear on that show instead of Comic Book Men.

Walt takes his family on a six hour detour on their family trip to go eat at the fabled “Golden Corral” with their famous Chocolate Fountain. It does not live up to their expectations from the commercials.  Walt decides that the food was so bad that it made the trip memorable and that it was better than if the food was ok.

Walt hosts a game called “Are you Worse than Hitler.” where Bry, Q, and listener John compete to see if any of them are “Worse than Hitler.”  Four questions are asked and the contestants responses judged.

  1.  What are three positive traits of Hitler would you tell a friend who has been set up on a blind date with him.
  2. 4 of Hitler’s grand nephews recently surfaced.  One committed suicide the other three vow to let the blood line die by never fathering children.  What would the contestant do if they found out they were a Secret Hitler.
  3. How would the contestant kill the Baby Hitler if they were sent back in time, Terminator Style.
  4. What was your most fucked up story.  Bry tells of banging his girlfriends mother while Q has a streak of sexing married women.

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