#119: The Purloined Penis

Pod Description:

Hot button topics are discussed. Bry, Walt, & Q debate the likelihood of successfully pulling off the ‘popcorn trick’


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Rob Bruce

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person

Sal Vulcano


Iain Kevin Morris


Come to Mommy- Bry as Big Ang

I’m gonna Hire a Bannah that says ‘Give JoePa back his wins!”-Bry as Q

Memorable Moments:

Sal flakes last minute, thinks he’s hot shit.

Bry is saddened that Big Ang was turned into a cartoon character in her new spin off of Mob Wives.

TESD discuss Hot Button topics,

A chinese man’s penis is stolen by a gang of annoyed husbands who’s wives had affairs with the man. As a serial adultrist Q is asked to weigh in.

Ronald Brown, puppeteer, plans on raping killing and eating children as revealed in online chat rooms.

The American In-Betweeners trailer comes out, and its shit.

Controversial Tweeter and Playboy model Tricia Evans makes a offensive joke about the Aurora movie shooting. Walt wants to get the listeners to help Gitem get more followers than Tricia.

Walt does an impression of Batman and Bane in Dark Knight Rises.

The popcorn trick is on Q’s bucket list, Gitem suggests doing it for the next season of IJ.

Bry discusses getting a photo of Sal kissing an 80 year old dude, Sal offers to get the film developed and the picture never surfaces.

A Penn State alum compares the sanctions against PSU to 9-11..

Bry is excited about the prospect of Honey Boo Boo getting her own show.


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