#123: Briefcase Wankers

Pod Description:

Two posh twats invade TESD thinking they’re all sortsa better…turns out they are.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Iain Kevin Morris

James Buckley



Memorable Moments:

Creator of The Inbetweeners Iain Morris and star James Buckley are in the states for the US release of the Inbetweeners movie and stop into the stash for the recording of TESD. After all the metaphorical ball slobber Q has laid on EK Morris Walt is expecting audible gold.

The guys fill their British guests in on the concept of Tru TV and Weiners Circle.

Q is annoyed at the “cat calls” of Mistah Whiskas! as he walks down the street in Manhattan.

MTv comes out with an American version of the Inbetweeners.

Bry gets a text from Sages teacher saying she was crying that he wasn’t there to greet her after school, Bry does not appreciate the guilting.

James Buckley admonishes Suzanne for cheating on Bry.

People have begun recognizing Q while he was out on fire calls, leading them to think they were being pranked.


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