#126: A moat of horse clumps

Pod Description:

Bry & Ming attend an Amish rave, celeb sex tapes, Walt opines on the state of the news.


Mentioned Person:


You’re gonna be spinning on some giant demon dick – Walt to Bry


Memorable Moments:

Kev and the comic book men are doing a show at the Grammercy for NY comic con. Bry promises a barn burner of a story, Walt tells him if it isn’t comic related no one wants to hear it.

Bry almost hits a biking Dave Wyndorf with his car.

TMZ does a story about former Clerks star Marilyn Ghigliotti fighting an ex boyfriend denying a sex tape exists.

A comic book men picture taken with Stan Lee contains a noticeable bulge in Bry’s pants. Ming can’t stop talking about it.


Bry notes an increase of women listernship to TESD and attributes it to Q and Impractical Jokers.

Bry hints at a threeway he had with Q and an unknown woman.

Q and Ming claim to have no sex tapes, Bry has loads. Bry says he will leak it to bring publicity to CBM.

Bry, sage and Mings family plan a road trip to Amish country to stay in a hotel made of an old train car. Bry tells of Amish on Amish hate crimes. Bry and Ming want to find an Amish rumspringa party.



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