#128: Tell ‘Em Puck Nuts

Pod Description:

Walt brings in a special guest to lift Bry’s spirits. Bry learns he’s too fugly to pursue a career in air-sex.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Ming Chen

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:


People are like ‘Oh My God Where’s Gitem when we need him” – Bry

“Look at what happens when you Google Sunday Jeff” – Bry

If we don’t reach the goal the Bryan puppet will have a gun to his head. – Bry

“You’re like a pinata that fights back a little bit, Ming you keep saying shit to him and he keeps smilin and noddin his head” – Walt to Sunday Jeff

Game Played:

A Sports Themed Game all about the only professional league that has never gone on strike and let down it’s fans: The WNBA

One True Three Go:

Walt gives three sports Bry, Ming, and Sunday have to guess which is true. Outhouse racing, Air Sex, or Man Vs Dog.

Reoccurring Segment:

Puck Nuts:  Walt is positive that the NHL will return, even if its a reduced season.

The Puck Nuts must argue for or against if an activity is or is not a Sport:  Poker, Bowling, Nascar, Competitive Eating and Fishing

Memorable Moments:

A spooky Overkill like theme,

In an effort to cheer up Bry through his rough patch Walt calls for a Puck Nuts Reunion.

The Tellem Steve Dave Puppet Theater kickstarter is winding down. Thorne Winter asks listeners to submit favorite moments to ensure Ming or Sunday Jeff puppets.

Sunday Jeff is confused at his pod fame and the production of the Sunday Jeff tattoos.

Ming gets hyper excited when Walt upgrades the Puck Nuts Minute to the whole episode.

Bry investigates if tampons can send a woman into toxic shock syndrome.

Ming wonders if Ex Lax would be considered performance enhancing drugs in the Outhouse Races.

Bry looks into Japanese Octopus sex.

Japanese judges in Air Sex competitions are very harsh on “Fuglies”

Bryan is flabbergasted at an answer given to Miss Teen USA South Carolina about why they can’t locate South Africa on a map.



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