#130: Life is Pain

Pod Description:

Walt describes soldiering through a minor headache, election results, the return of booty time.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:


“Shut the fuck up, take more fucking painkillers junkie, cuz it’s never gonna happen” – Bry quoting Walt’s reaction to getting a TV show.

“Bufferin’s like a gateway drug” Q

“I’m ripping the boards down and the glory hole is reopened” Walt

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Booty Time

Memorable Moments:

People are worried Bryan will relapse after watching a stripper do heroin. Bry claims he will take a urine test at any time to prove he will not fall off the wagon.

Madonna shows her ass for Sandy Relief.

This episode is recorded right after recording the Christmas episode, clips are played.

People were concerned after the last episodes Doom and Gloom.

Bon Jovi’s daughter has an OD. Walt says he wouldn’t want the life of a celebrity.

Walt claims to never take a pill, he would rather power through a headache to prove he is man enough than take a bufferin. Bry explains how if felt when he was on Roxies.

Q talks about the Bob Etchingham video “The Goat Man” and likes how the shirt in the cartoon has their real faces. Bryan would like to see a short TESD cartoon at the end of Comic Book Men episodes.

Sad news concerning the kitten Q saved last week, Sally Cat passed away during hernia surgery.

Toad reaches out to Q via email via the IJ facebook page. Toad’s facebook page is fiercely anti Obama telling America to get a job underneath pictures of Superman and Wonder Woman kissing.

Bry is denied pizza delivery due to the storm floods.


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