Pod Description:

Bry, Walt, Q, Ming, & Sunday Jeff deliver Over two hours of bizarre Christmas traditions, painful family memories, Ming’s Christmas One, true, three, analyzation of incredibly disturbing lyrics to beloved Christmas carols, plus much more!


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:


“Why hello dere, it’s me Ol’ Black Pete” -Bry doing a voice

“A couple of weeks later my Dad pulls me aside and says ‘I want to show you something, it’s big'” -Ming

“It better be fucking anal on Christmas, it’s Christmas”

“There better be a bow sticking out of her asshole” – Q and Bry

“When you go through life as an attractive person, you are used to a certain level of creep, and I don’t think Ming exceeds that” -Q

Game Played:

One-True-Three, Christmas Charades, The Great Christmas Debate.

Ming’s XMAS stories

Story 1:  Ming was accused of harassing a girl for buying her a Christmas candle

Story 2:  Ming spent a ton of money on fancy shoes that were the wrong size for his wife

Story 3:  As a child Ming and his family went to Disneyworld for Christmas and his Dad and Mom announced they were getting divorced (True Story)

Reoccurring Segment:

Overkill: Spooky Christmas, Christmas tidbits

Memorable Moments:

Ming and Q sing Baby It’s Cold Outside

Bry sings Christmas Shoes

Sunday Jeff sings Hanukah

Walt used to play a bootleg Mexican Santa movie at the stash but sold his last copy.

In a proto Baron von Flanagan segment Walt gives mind bending facts about the holidays.

Ming keeps a spreadsheet listing everyone he sends a card to versus who sends a card to him.

Walt makes Sunday Jeff defend aspects of Hannukah versus aspects of Christmas, only to sandbag him having him lose every round.

Walt brings in some Christmas overkill topics including aliens, Hitler, Black Pete, and Krampus.

Walt’s new game, Christmas Charades, doesn’t go as he planned as Ming and Sunday Jeff fail to grasp the concept or know the characters they were supposed to portray.

Walt tells of fucked up lyrics in classic Christmas songs. “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is about date rape, John Denver’s “Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk this Christmas”, and of course the sappy “Christmas Shoes”.

Q tells of how he found out there was no Santa when his parents had him go upstairs and pretend to make reindeer noise for his younger brothers.

Walt wants to know if sex on Christmas is taboo. Q thinks its mandatory.

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