#132: Kickin’ It Softly

Pod Description:

Bry flies high on stool softener, Walt considers bionics for Bry, Q misses out on yet another invite


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


I don’t think there is any room for fecal antics in rock or any music. – Walt

“You know those little robots are gonna eat the cancer cells like a pac-man eats da ghosts” -Walt as Q

Memorable Moments:

Gitem is helping Walt move this weekend.

People are worried about Bry after he hangs out in a motel with a stripper while she does heroin and has surgery coming up that he might go back on pills.  Bryan’s brother Darren is also worried he is back on pills after spying a bottle of stool softener on a hotel table.

Bry goes to Manhattan to see Sweet Fix and Sebastian Bach. Walt wonders if Bry or Q could party like rock star Tommy Lee these days. Walt talks of his crazy day(s) going to see Laser Zepplin at the Hayden Planetarium taking “Rush” for these two second highs.

Q, nostalgic to his adolescence, gets a subscription to Playboy to proudly display on his coffee table.

Walt speaks out against Cosplaying.

Bry’s brother Darren falls for a pyramid scheme and believes the company founder has the cure for cancer. Q speaks of the future of medicine in nanotechnology.


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