#133: Silver Alert

Pod Description:

Stitcher Awards, Bry hates on Adam Levine, Q is imagined as a horny 70-something


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Mike Zapcic

Mentioned Person:


“When I read it I was like ‘fuck you, asshole!'” – Bry about Adam Levine

“It’s too cold outside, I’ve got no friends cuz I’m deformed!” – Bry as Declan

“What the fuck, Are you Worse than Hitler?  Do they have Rants and Ruses?” – Walt after not being nominated for Best Games.

“Make no bones about it, you’re not unflushable.” – Walt to Q

“That’s what happened when Suzanne broke up with me, bone got replaced with plastic.” – Bry

“After the stool softener I turn it into Jenkem and get double fuckin’ high.” – Bry

“Your Stitcher award means jack to that little kid.” – Walt to Bry about noisy customers.

“We’re talking about a guy who lurks in the woods with a machete, who snaps pictures of unwary high school girls!” – Bry about Git’em

“You can’t even tell who’s walkin’ who!” – Walt about Westminster dogs and their female owners.

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

TESD wins Stitcher Awards for Pop Culture and Entertainment.  Walt claims it isn’t his first major award as he won the ‘Clarence J Thomas’ science award in sixth grade.  Bry corrects him that it was in fact the Clarence Borge award.

Bry plays the acceptance speech from the Stitcher Awards as read by Will Wilkins which includes an alleged Twitter exchange between Bry and NPR’s Terry Gross, which was in fact a public feud between Jenny Johnson and Chris Brown.

Walt and Bry are annoyed that the one thing they are good at (podcasting) they give away for free.  Walt can not even conceive of charging the listeners.

Walt is growing in some scruff to annoy his kids.  Bry suggests everyone grow Halifax beards for the upcoming podcasting festival, Smorgy.  Bry has a Halifax honey lined up for when he’s up there.  Q puts out an advert for one.

Git’em shows up to pod when Bry tweets that TESD is recording that day.  He brings along one of his ‘famous cheesecakes’.

Declan begs Bry to send him the episode early.

The Impractical Jokers are appearing at a Hurricane Sandy benefit along with the cast of Sons of Anarchy.  Q reveals he went to school with the actor that plays Juice, Theo Rossi.

Bry is getting ready to go for knee surgery and is intrigued about a “pain ball”.

Stan Lee says something to Bry in private that he says he’s never told anyone before.  Bry says he can never share it with the world at large.

Git’em helps Walt move some furniture around and Walt’s family assume he is Amish due to his unusual name.

A guy is pushed in front of a speeding train and a reporter can only snap photos instead of helping.

Barbara Walters calls Honey Boo Boo one of the most influential people, Adam Levine writes an opinion piece claiming her to be the decay of Western Civilization.

Walt see’s something on TV about Salt Peter and how the military used to put it in rations to stop soldiers from getting boners.

Q reveals he experimented with Viagra a few times, including to combat Whiskey Dick to participate in a threesome.

Q claims that well into his 70s he would visit a brothel in Vegas to sleep with 20 somethings at the Bunny Ranch.  Walt is aghast thinking Q should go for sex workers his own age.


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