#139: Boy’s Night Out

Pod Description:

Walt laments a lack of celebrity friends, Q plots for the affections of ‘E K’ Morris, Bry kills Walt, Suzanne takes a plunge (visit http://t.co/y2ISle4 to sponsor)


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


Mentioned Person:

Darin Johnson

Mike Zapcic

Sunday Jeff


“Hey, the fuckin’ retahd needs tah be somewheah else!” – Bry as Q

“You went out with like some kind of gold digger looking for a millionaire.” – Walt

“Why’d they put an apostrophe ‘s’?  It’s not a possessive!  Makes us look like a couple of assholes.” – Bry

“Cuz I’m carrying you two and Kev is carrying me.” – Bry

“Stop questioning why you feel bad and just feel bad.” – Walt to Bry.

“I’m probably going to have anal sex with my brother before we leave for LA so there’s that.” – Bry looking for new Why Bry content.

“You didn’t sit up outta your stupor when Fitzman tweeted ya.” – Walt

“Rusty like me!  Fitzman like me?  Who care… Rusty like me!” – Bry

“Wot’s he sayin’?  I can’t understand ‘im!” – Bry as Ian K. Morris.

“I throw myself out there like ‘I love you!’ and all I get is crickets.” -Walt

Memorable Moments:

Bry plugs a Why Bry show at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club with Kev in L.A. and a Space Monkeys show with Sal and Q.  Walt insists Bry brings his A game to Why Bry and warns he can’t have mundane stories about fighting with retail workers.

Q mentions the 10 year VHS bet with Bry and claims Bry owes him a trip to Vegas.

Walt makes a public apology to Q for shitting on his excitement that Rosie O’Donnell tweeted at him after his wife Debi chastises him for his behavior.  Q stalks Ian K. Morris and befriends him after the U.K. Space Monkeys show. Bryan goes to a midnight screening of Black Christmas with Richard Christie from the Stern Show.  Between all the celebrities starting to tweet at Q and Bry befriending his guitar hero Rusty Cooley, Walt begins to feel left out.  Kevin asks why the NJ Devils never reached out to him for representing them on Comic Book Men.  Is Rusty Cooley tweeting at Bryan more important than loyal listener Fitzman?

Walt has his own Boy’s Night Out with Mike, Ming and Darin to go see Riff Trax.  The ticket taker recognizes the Comic Book Men and wants to get her manager to meet them.  The manager couldn’t care less.

A waiter in Houston stands up for a young boy with Down Syndrome after another customer demands to move tables claiming “Special Needs children need to be special somewhere else.”  Q defends the disgruntled customer saying all kids can be obnoxious.  Walt wants to be an internet hero like the waiter so Bry says he can lend him Sage and Q can be the asshole Walt takes to task.


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