#140 Fliss Special

Pod Description:

Gay Dogs, Gay showers, Gay detractors & gay holocaust memorials.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Olga from Hover.com


“I’m goin to Disney tomorrow, I got to get my brown paper bag ready!” – Bry as Declan

“It’s ok if you’re a hot girl wanting to kiss a pig!” – Walt

“Oooh yeah I’m at Disney, I can’t believe I’m gettin blown! What are you lookin’ at little kid?” – Bry as Q

“I’d go see it, especially if you keep referring to women as pigs.” – Q about Why Bry.

“I got 40 year old fingers, they don’t move as fast as they used to.” – Walt

“Just wear your silky unmentionables while you’re playing.” – Walt to Q.

“I got hearts from Sunday Jeff.” – Q

“So that piece of shit got taken down by North Dark Zero Thirty, that wasn’t the biggest mention?” – Walt about Twitter.

“That should freak people out way more than a fugly dude kissin’ a girl.” – Walt about Geico beastiality.

Reoccurring Segment:

Puck Nuts Minute

Fat News

Memorable Moments:

Walt suggests that Bryan might be saving his most fucked up and engrossing stories for Kevin on Why Bry now.

TESD shills for the game “Injustice”.  Q tries to angle for a free copy

Ming arrives to join in for a Puck Nuts special coverage of Super Bowl XLVII.  The power went out causing a 90 minute delay during the Super Bowl, which drastically switched the momentum of the game.  Walt considers this a big black eye for the NFL.

Bryan is boycotting the Grammys as they have outlawed side boob.

Beyonce becomes the biggest mention on Twitter ever.  Walt vows to make the illuminati hand symbol in every single picture from now on after Beyonce is accused of doing the same.  

TESD breaks down Super Bowl commercials:  a Go Daddy commercial disgusts the world as Bar Refaeli makes out with someone not on her level of attractiveness.   Walt amazed that this got more backlash than a Geico commercial which legitimately features beastiality or a Lindt chocolate commercial which has female security officers sexually abusing a famous tennis star.  Dr. Pepper decides to cut out 50% of its consumer base with Dr. Pepper 10.  

Walt asks when is it ok to act girly as a man.

Alabama teacher Bob Grisham suspended after he is caught ranting about “Fat Butt Michelle Obama” and making homophobic remarks.

TESD puts Hover.com to the test when they call an agent to see if she is “empowered” and answers the call within 12 seconds. Olga passes the test.

Walt reminisces that as a child he would wish upon a star that his dog could talk and promised her that he would never reveal her secret.

A Tennessee dog owner wants his dog euthanized because he suspects it to be gay. What would Walt do if he found out Mike did the same.

A new viral craze has Grindr members taking sexy selfies at Holocaust museums.

Bryan tells of how married men would sneakily hook up in the Disney showers for quick gay liaisons.

A leprechaun is spotted in Mobile Alabama and the news story surrounding it amuses TESD.

Comic Book Men returns on Valentines Day. Q reveals that he will never open himself up to be in a relationship again after his fiancé went away with Scooter Dude.

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