#142: Volume II, Issue Zero, Epi… Ehhh fuck it!

Pod Description:

TESD history is painstakingly recounted. Bry nears the tracks. Q admires himself. Visit http://t.co/y2ISle4 to sponsor Autumn in the Polar Plunge.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person:


“I can’t imagine you have any sperm left in your balls after the way he milks that cock” -Walt to Q about Ming shouting out IJ on his pods.

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Fat News:  Woman pours hot sauce in boy’s eyes and makes him smoke pot.

Memorable Moments:

J sarges opening theme is littered with classic quotes from the entire run of Tesd.

The guys try to catch new listeners up to inside jokes and who’s who in Tesd town but quickly give up and move on to something else

Walt has Ming go through one of his famous list of bullet points and rips apart how banal and unlistenable it sounds.

Walt is annoyed that people keep coming in trying to sell their crap at the stash because they see it on the show.

Q is in the market for a Twilight Zone pinball machine.

Walt almost held an intervention for Sunday Jeff’s spending.

Walt ponders the allure of anonymous gay sex in a men’s room.

Is the SI swimsuit issue racist for having “exotic” locations and people included.

Bry and Walt interviewed by Men’s Health podcast.



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