#143: …And on the 7th day, God listened to TESD

Pod Description:

While reconnoitering for podcast gold, Declan strikes upon the “Tell ‘Em Steve Dave” bonanza.


Reoccurring Segment:

Clip Show


This clip show includes great moments from the early days of TESD.   Hear how the pod settled on the name TESD, which friend would they go to to cover up a murder, Pam’s love of Josh Groban and Bry’s burial plan of being put behind a glass case at the stash.

Kevin Smith sits in and hears the tale of Bry sleeping with Mother X.

Bryan and Walt attend the Cop Out premiere.

Sunday Jeff and Walt talk about the returns game they perfected in benefit of the Stash.

Best Of Makin’ Hay

Walt and Bry picture Q as man of his house taking his own mother as a prize.

Walt’s list of do’s and dont’s for college kids.

Q meets Bry after his car accident and gets no sympathy.

Walt tells Bry and Kev his sure-fire way to prevent child abuse.

Walt applies to be a prison guard.

Compilation of Walt’s games:  One True Three, I fought the Law and the Law One,

Comic Book Day at the Blue Claws baseball game.  Walt meets Fred Hembeck.

Walt is the world’s most normal man on a bus tour.

Not So Super Bowl

Walt’s EMP for people who pirate content.

Bry and Walt fight over the prize being sent out for the Not So Super Bowl.

Dallas Live, drunk Q and Toad

Walt’s runs afoul of the Cable Police

Alien Theme Park

Walt’s run-in with Susan at the Post Office

Young Bry goes as Jaws for Halloween.

Decorating lockers is lame.

Bry goes fishing with Cap’n Longnuts

Pam writes a book and TESD gives it a dramatic read.

Suzanne forgets Bry’s birthday.

Alice Cooper calls the Stash?

Ming and Bryan as Santa and Elf on Broad Street.

Run Forrest, Run!

Bry puts a dildo in Erik’s book bag

Ming does a Cold Call Cuss Out as a collection agent

Greatest Commercials Compilation

Mispronunciation Compilation.


Bezlotek on my Mind by Irving’s Basement @irvingsbasement

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