#144: Fancy a hairbrush?

Pod Description:

Bry proposes to Faccia Bella. Q’s concerned he’s losing touch with the common man.


Bryan Johnson

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Frank #3

Mentioned Person:

Stacy Patella


“Get that little China Man!  Aw c’mon guys Jokes over”  Bry as a mob and Ming

“I’ve had the occasional homosexual admirer”  Q

“I was like turn that cock inside out, turn it into a puss, DO IT!” Bry.

“I would exist just to please you, whatever you told me to do I would do…  Lick this, kiss this, put this hairbrush up your ass.  Whatever Stacy Patella would want, Stacy Patella would get” – Bry

“I’m repugnant to both sexes” – Bry

Memorable Moments:

Bry just got out of the hospital for blood loss and a pulmonary embolism.

Bry imagines Stacy Patella as a sexual sadist.

Bry bemoans that no gay guys hit on him.  Not fat enough to be a bear not thin enough to be a twink.

Stacy Patella will be in Florida at the same time Bry and Kev are performing Why Bry in Orlando.  Bryan asks her if she can sit in the audience and Bry can consider it a date and imagines going to Sea World together.  Q asks what if she actually brought a date causing Bry to spiral.

Suzanne and Bry’s niece Autumn partake in the Polar Bear Plunge for Special Olympics.  Bry is amazed at the amount of drunk people there.  He runs into an old classmate from Brookdale Community College and reminisces of some of the other losers in his class.

Q ponders if he is becoming out of touch with the common man.  Four years later a jury of his peers find that he has NOT lost touch.  #322: My Cousin Quinny Part I and #323: My Cousin Quinny Part II

Bry imagines what it would be like to be married to Stacy Patella.  Q said he could be Best Man to both of them.  Q suggests getting married on his birthday the following year, 3-14-14.  Stacy negotiates for 5 years and the marriage pact is set. Bry says that gives him 5 years to get in shape and get his head right.

Q confirms the TESD Out of Context movie is completed and wants to get it fast tracked out to the audience… it doesn’t see the light for three and a half years.

Bry doesn’t get NASCAR.

Frank 3 defends his smart guy status.

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