#145: Q the Warlord

Pod Description:

Bry gets his nutz fondled, Walt & Q bond over the idea of destroying the world.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Mentioned Person:


Turn it to Glass – Q

“I’m Herr Zapsic, what comics do you want, Jew!” Bry as Nazi Mike

“How are your erections? Are they strong” – Brys doctor

Memorable Moments:

Bry wants to spice up a restaruant rescue reality show by having a woman fake her own suicide and have her daughters find her. This idea is later retooled into Funeralz.

Walt wants to spice up CBM to have a competition where if Mike loses he has to shave his goatee into a Hitler mustache.

Q and Bry claim Gitem is falling apart physically. Bry gives Gitem a business idea where he empties out peoples houses after they die and sell the leavings at the flea market. “Gitem Outta There”

Bry’s doctor asks about his boner and prescribes Androgel to increase his T. Walt makes a vague football reference about Lester Hayes using Stickum that no one gets. Confusing testosterone and erectile dysfunction commercials are discussed, why do they need two tubs?

Declan starts Creaky Studios and the boys submit testimonials. Walt sends 6 different ones hoping Declan will pick his favorite but he instead puts them all up, making Walt seem like he is rambling. Q’s testimonial comes across as boastful talking about himself and his success.

The guys discuss what would happen if North Korea nuked California. Q demands immediate nuclear retribution. How would the world react if the president had a necklace made out of skulls.

Walt purchases two seasons of the Bob Newhart show on DVD and talks about the emotional opening theme song. Walt remembers a broken promise he made to his mother. As a child he promised he would grow up to work in a big high rise like Bob Newhart and wear a suit and take the train every day. Bry tries to cheer him up saying that people care more about him being on TV than his brother Erik who is a doctor.

To help out with drawing the crazy things in Cryptozoic man Walt has been trying to get into a druggy mindset by listening to Psychedelic music, a band called Captain Beyond.


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