#146: TESD’s Roots

Pod Description:

Bry gloms theme park tickets. Walt thinks everyone has lost their way. Q is banned from a celeb fuck list.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Listener Mel

Mentioned Person:

Tom Mumme and Blue Juice Comics


“You’re open to a lot of things. Are you open to trysts?” Walt to Q

“Here’s why Ron Marz is a fucking asshole” Bry

“He played it all wrong, he’s hanging out with Michael Lohan” Bry

“And you played it right??” Walt

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Comic book artist Ron Marz slams CBM. This disappoints Q because Kyle Ranier was his favorite Green Lantern.

According to Creaky, Qs phone use is disrupting the sound quality of the podcast.

A woman on twitter says Cryptozoic Man only got green lit because of their ties to Kevin. Bry goes on the attack.

Walt reads an ad for Revel Cycles a bike store out of Columbus OH. Walt admonishes Bry and Q for wanting free bikes, they are being too greedy. Ming takes up biking, yet another activity to keep him away from home.

Bry gets free tickets to Sea World by asking for them on the radio and is walking around with a shirt with his own face on it. Walt says they have all lost touch with the common man.

Q says that people liking TESD is more important to him than people liking IJ. Claims he is 90% his real self on TESD.

Walt accuses Bry of selling out like John Goselin.

Listener Mel drives 5 hours to watch TESD record, her husband is jealous of Q because Mel crushes on him. Her husband forbade Mel to put Q on her celebrity hall pass list.

Walt has an allergic reaction to his hair dye.


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