#149: Tales from The Stash

Pod Description:

While spaceship TESD is being repaired, enjoy this compilation of Walt’s tales from The Stash, by listener Drew Troxell

Reoccurring Segment:

Clip Show

Memorable Moments:

Bry introduces this “Best Of” episode as he is attending his brother Erik’s wedding in San Francisco.

Clip 1: Walt delivers comics by hand to a customer for several years to save on postage while letting the recipient believe it was the mail service.

Clip 2: Walt recognizes an old lady who comes in the store but can not place her. When confronted he blurts out “You’re my Grandma”, however it was actually his guidance counselor.

Clip 3: Bry works part time at the stash on alternating Saturdays and Walt commends him for a job well done.

Clip 4: Walt recalls some instances where books and memorabilia was shop lifted. He chastises Mike for not realizing some punk was trying to sell back a stolen Batman ring.

Clip 5: Free comic book day leaves Walt flabbergasted with all the termites out for their free cheese. Some young kid draws on the poker table and Walt has fun with him.

Clip 6: A customer stiffs Walt with a 100 dollar toy he doesn’t pick up.

Clip 7: A 500 dollar catalog of books has not been picked up by a former regular. Walt enlists some PI ants to find the guys address.

Clip 8: Walt calls a rival comic shop that has been bad mouthing the Stash on the air during Cold Call Cuss Out

Clip 9 Ming pretends he is a collection agent and calls the customer that has not picked up his books.

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