#153: Mountain Man Fever

Pod Description:

The masturbatory habits of the Neanderthal are explored. Is cheating on your honeymoon all that wrong?


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Ming Chen

Mentioned Person:


“I was flirting with danger just reading the comics so I knew to keep my hands above the belt line” Walt

“I’m rich, I fuck too much, I last too long, the girls they can’t handle it” Bry as Q

“I guarantee that guy is jerking off in jail right now” Walt about the dude who got busted on his honeymoon

Game Played:

Memorable Moment:

Dr. Joyce dies leading to a discussion of teenage chronic masturbation. Q can bust out 3x a day at this age. Bry and Walt roleplay a young BQ discovering himself. Ming walks in the door and joins the conversation.

Bry mudslings against Mother Theresa.

Walt argues that man hasn’t evolved much past the neanderthal.

Bry talks of a guy who was busted in a prostitution sting on his honeymoon.

To Catch a Predator is discussed.

Walt tells of Mountain Man Syndrome where women want to be whisked away by a mountain man, mainly in the Ozarks.

TESD loses two commercials to I Sell Comics.

Bry found out about rich people renting handicapped people to cut lines at Disney World.



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