#156: Boxcar Bry’s Ultimate Milkshake Party

Pod Description:

Walt commits identity theft at Woodstock, Q buys another chick car, Bry invites himself on a bus trip with Walt & his wife.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn


Mentioned Person:


How do I come back to this table with you guys knowing, hey I fucked a pitbull – Bry

You can see his shame mama, you can see his shame! – Bry as young Walt aghast at the Monkees

“When i would feel like alright we’ve made it, if we get stalkers, online threats, or death threats.” – Bry

Game Played:

Memorable Moments:

Q defends his Wrangler as not being a girls car because they drove them in Jurassic Park.

Q wants to own a boat so he can start fishing again. Walt first mentions the fishing commercial that touched his heart and prompted episode 293 Who’s your Daddy.

Q is supportive of the new Human Torch being black in Fantastic 4.

Reality show little people are getting death threats, Bry remembers a dwarf family at the Rec Center.

Walt wonders if there are any concerts as big as Woodstock these days. Frank 3 proclaims Bonoroo as big, but Bry and Walt scoff at him.

Walt admits to being uncomfortable at the opening sequence to the Monkees because one of them was being pushed down the street in a bathtub in just a shower cap and wouldn’t watch it.

A psychadelic dollar shave commercial.

Bry is having an existential crisis as he is getting older, talks of therapy.

Betty White rips off IJ. Walt relates to the Golden Girls.

A younger Q tells Bry at a comic con that “happiness just isn’t in the cards for him”.

Q visits Disney on Gay Day and accidentally pisses on someones shoes.

Bry meets Bill Burr



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