#165: Shitmouth

Pod Description:

Bry gets offended by people who get offended. The return of Baron Von Flanagan


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


I would have made a good Dad when I was 8. – Walt

“No Love for Old Shit Mouth?” Bry

“You’re a fucking Dinosaur that doesn’t know he’s extinct yet. fucking oblivious fucking lizard” Walt

I guarantee you made the same move that M Night Shuggah made. – Walt

“Jay and Silent Bobs is an All American Comic Shop” Walt refuses to sell Anime and Manga.

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Baron Von Flanagan

Memorable Moments:

A 70s funk opening theme from J Sarge.

The Tenderloins begin their first tour.

A Russel Simmons comedy sketch “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape” gets called out for being offensive. Bry is annoyed Russell Simmons backed down and removed the video, Walt calls him a hypocrite because he has censored himself too.

TESD gets a favorable review from the AV club.

Stacy Patella is hired as Q’s personal assistant.

Walt is down because Gitem has been scarce for a while, Q cheers him up by reading some of his favorite tweets of his.

Walt wants to know Q’s schedule to plan Makin Hay 3, which to this day has still not come to fruition.

A new Fox sitcom “Dads” offends people when an Asian character appears in a school girl outfit.

Bry is set to appear on the AMC show Talking Bad, Walt warns him to avoid Man on Man rape jokes.

Ming is thrilled that he poached the Revolution Cycle ad from TESD after Walt dropped them as a client.

A Rod is removed from an animated movie about a Cancer kid getting to meet Yankees greats past and present.  Walt thinks its ridiculous that A Rod is vilified when Darryl Strawberry and Babe Ruth are heroes.



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