#174: The 2013 TESD Halloween Spookshow

Pod Description:

Halloween episode. Fat news. Sunday Jeff in the haunted house


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:


Her genetics look Toight – Q

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:


Fat News  Maria Kang issues apology for fat shaming poster “whats your excuse”

Memorable Moments:

Q thinks a pod person has replaced Walt when he doesn’t want to put the Halloween episode on Bandcamp and instead release it for free.

Q is called to task for Skank Shaming at an IJ live show by a woman from Buffalo NY.

Walt has the guys guess the top 25 biggest budget Horror movies, they do abysmally. Walt and Sunday Jeff argue whether Aliens is a horror movie or action/sci fi movie, this devolves into Walt claiming Sunday Jeff is afraid of Max Rebo in Star Wars.

Declan compiles some of the most horrific audio files ever discovered including our governments attempt to communicate with aliens and audio illustrating what a schizophrenic person hears in their head. A pirated broadcast of a Max Headroom masked person takes over the air waves and shows his ass. A ransom voicemail from a NJ exxon mogul with a creepy voiced kidnapper.

Bryan and Q talk about going to see Robert the haunted doll from Key West.

Walt quizes the boys about family feud type list polls,

The Cryptozoic Man shipping has created a fiasco as the prices quoted were vastly lower than reality.  In return for waiting to ship all issues at once three more bonus pods are promised!


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