#176: Goat’s Head Soup

Pod Description:

In this audio challenged episode…..Does Walt measure up as an extreme cheapskate? Ming lets his wife believe he’s dead. Bry clocks in 4th in a list of celebs.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Mike Zapcic

Mentioned Person:

Ming Chen

Dave Wyndorf


“This is right from the Horse’s Ass” – Walt

“The men’s locker room will never become your ShangraLa of ponies, PC, and fairy tales, it is a man’s locker room.” – Walt

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

This episode of TESD has very distorted audio and many ants have never made it through the whole thing.

Quinn calls out sick and costs us an episode with Dave Wyndorf.

Bry watches a show about extreme cheapskates, these people are more frugal than Walt.

Can people who appear on hoarders and other reality shows spring board into an entertainment career?

Puppet DVDs up for sale at merch table. I sell comics are selling key chains.

There is a shooting at an airport that Ming was at, he neglects to let Debbie Chen know he is safe and she only finds out through twitter.

The plans for the fiasco pod are discussed as well as a call for vote for what the 4th pod will be.

Locker room bullying in NFL, do you complain to coach or do you handle it like a man.


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