Fiasco Pod (Cryptoman Bundle)

Pod Description:

We thank you for purchasing the Cryptozoic Man Booty Time and also helping us through our fiasco by deciding to wait for single shipping. We were blown away by the support we received from the TESD army of listeners, and can’t thank you enough. As promised, here is the TESD Fiasco Bonus Pod!


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Ming Chen

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Brian Maxwell

Mentioned Person:


“Get closer to that mic if you’re gonna fuckin admit to fuckin jerk a dude off!” – Walt

“Once they got to Frank fucking 3 I knew there was some fuckery afoot!” – Maxwell

“You covered your house in asbestos and now you have cancer!” – Walt

“I’m so happy that Gitem is here, he might be my Sunday Jeff.” – Q

“He emails me like he’s in charge of Fort Knox and someone took the key off his key ring.” – Walt about Declan

“It’s what our forefathers fought for. I’m sure when they were fucking loading their muskets and getting hit with cannonballs, I’m sure they were like ‘One day my great great great grandson King Gitem will be able to shoot upskirts of some poor unsuspecting woman'” – Walt

“So needless to say I got hard, coke dick cured!” – Bry as Q

“Don’t you put your arm in up to the elbow in some anuses?” – Walt to Gitem

“Did I say gout?  I meant AIDS.” – Bry

Game Played:

Sake to Ming

Siamese Twins

One True Three: Sunday Jeff

Story 1:  Jeff was busted in NYC for Truancy

Story 2:  Jeff witnessed a jewelry heist

Story 3:  Jeff was in a commercial for Ivory Soap as a baby

Memorable Moments:

This podcast dedicated to fiascoes is narrated by Brian Maxwell in a nod to the 70s show The Dukes of Hazzard.  After being accidentally overlooked for a shout out in the Cryptozoic Man Bonus Pod Walt reached out to Maxwell to host.

This fiasco pod was issued as an apology for an error in shipping where the guys would be paying much more than they originally thought if they shipped each individual issue when it was released and instead are asking to wait until the run is finished and ship them all at once.  Only two people are complaining.

Gitem reveals that he has gout, the rich man’s disease.

A previous episode is lost due to bad equipment and Bry takes the lead to replace them.  When he mentions doing a kickstarter he gets shit from people online asking about his TV and Ad money.

Ming is revealed to be dragging his feel getting to the flea market to record Takin’ Hay.

Walt is hoping to get the white glove treatment from the Devils since he reps them so hard on Comic Book Men, this later becomes an issue in #317: This is Why!

Walt is approached with a pyramid scheme by a respected athlete.  This athlete is hoping to get Kev Smith involved saying “Together we can Rule the East Coast!”

Bry wants Ming to go along with the scheme and wear a wire in order to get material for the show.

Q propositions Gitem for 100 dollars an hour to keep him hard during a coke orgy.  Gitem seriously considers it.

Q is trapped in a poisonous fart cloud while trying to live it up in business class.

Sunday Jeff gets so inebriated during Sake to Ming that his drunkenness carries over to the 2013 XMas pod.

Sunday Jeff has small hands and curses like a sailor (Oh my Lord), while Ming doesn’t remember his first kiss with Debbie Chen.


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