Fiasco Pod (Cryptoman Bundle)

Pod Description:

We thank you for purchasing the Cryptozoic Man Booty Time and also helping us through our fiasco by deciding to wait for single shipping. We were blown away by the support we received from the TESD army of listeners, and can’t thank you enough. As promised, here is the TESD Fiasco Bonus Pod!


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Ming Chen

Git ‘Em Steve-Dave

Brian Maxwell

Mentioned Person:


“Get closer to that mic if you’re gonna fuckin admit to fuckin jerk a dude off!” – Walt

Game Played:

Sake to Ming

Siamese Twins

Memorable Moments:

Walt is approached with a pyramid scheme by a respected athlete.  Walt wants Ming to go along with the scheme to get material for the show.

Q is trapped in a poisonous fart cloud while trying to live it up in business class.

Sunday Jeff has small hands and curses like a sailor (Oh my Lord)


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