#182: The Podcast That Loved Too Much

Pod Description:

Walt sides with the big box in the Beyonce vs. Target war of 2013. TESD repurposes unwanted Duck Dynasty slippers. 70’s tv shows.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:

Curtis the TESD ant


“Wal-Mart could right now, could make, could snap up and turn those slippers into Bryan Johnson Beard Man slippers, Beard Guy slippers to recover from all the lost revenue.” – Walt’s plan after Duck Dynasty says some racist stuff.

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Puck Nuts Reunion

Memorable Moments:

“Power Couples: Jay-z + Beyonce (+ Blue Ivy), Tom Brady + Gisele.
Curtis (TESD Ant) writes a heart felt letter to Walt; Curtis includes topics for the guys to talk about.
Bry hears Walt using packaging tape in the background of an ‘I Sell Comics’ episode.
Puck Nuts reunion – Brazilian referee is beheaded.
The impact “”Three’s Company”” had on the gay community and their landlords; Also Starsky & Hutch.
Duck Dynasty compares homosexuality to beastiality. ”



2 thoughts on “#182: The Podcast That Loved Too Much

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