#183: The Podcast That Hated Too Little

Pod Description:

Continued from last week- TV shows, Walt & Bry make a startling & incestuous claim, should Luke have stopped macking after he found out


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Ming Chen

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:

Curtis the TESD ant


“I got all the power I need, I’m a princess!’ – q

“Then my Grandmother would burn my penis with a cigarette.” -Bryan

“I’d get Chewie to hold the video camera and tap the whole thing while I suck his dick” – Bry as Ming on who he’d choose Han or Luke.

“He still raps better than Ming, I’ll give him that.” – Q

“She’s got Q’s respect, what does she need money for?” -Bry about Amy Osborne

“That’s like fighting Darth Vader with your limp cock.” – Bryan

“I pick fuckin’ Greedo” – Sunday Jeff

“Maybe Han Solo drove a Wrangla'” -Q after Bry says he picked Han because he wants to fuck himself.

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

This episode is a sequel to episode 182.  “Curtis’ topics continued..

Curtis wants to discuss current events such as Khloe Kardashian divorcing Lamar Odom after a drunken rap bragging about how he cheated on her.  In other Kardashian news Bruce Jenner is thinking of doing a laryngeal shave to reduce his Adam’s Apple, Bry wonders why he doesn’t just grow a beard and gain 60 pounds to hide it like he did.

A rich Texan teen named Ethan Couch gets probation for killing 4 people in a drunken hit and run incident.  The judge rules that he suffered from “Affluenza” or his rich upbringing caused him to not connect consequence with action.  Walt says he wouldn’t mind having Affluenza, for a 24 hour bug.  Affluenze will later be used as a defense in the trial of Brian “Q” Quinn.

The future of Star Wars in Disney’s hands is discussed.  Walt reveals it is a 24 billion dollar industry, asks Jeff how much of that is he directly responsible for.  The answer is over 10k.  Walt and Bryan laugh at how Jeff once bought Phantom Menace on VHS and DVD on the off chance his wife would want to watch and she hates the black bars of the wide screen DVD.

The guys talk about their favorite Star Wars moments.  Q and his brothers used to play a game where they would try to guess what R2D2 was saying.  Bryan remembers buying Star Wars toys on layaway with his Grandmother.  Bry used to believe he could build a real Star Wars light saber due to a popular mechanics article.

Walt wants to talk about the most fucked up part of Star Wars… the Luke and Leia incest side plot.  Walt believes there is no way their sibling relationship could have been planned all along and Lucas was just making things up as he went.  Who would the TESD guys pick between Luke and Han.  Walt and Bry choose Luke, Ming and Q say Han.  Bry and Walt heard rumors of high school siblings hooking up and having kids.

The View Askew Christmas party -This year is held in an office, downgraded from a pizza place the year before, and fancy restaurants in years before that.  Bry is not invited this year due to ordering a salad off menu last year instead of just having the Pizza. Walt asks a hypothetical question to Ming if he would go to an AMC producer party or the View Askey holiday party and grills him relentlessly when he answers he’d go to the fancy party.

A drunken Ming once told his wife Debi to dance naked on a table at a View Askew holiday party.


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