#184 Year of the Touchy Pusshole

Pod Description:

TESD defies a state of emergency and pods from a diner


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:

Marshal Manlove


John Wayne, dealing with a touchy pusshole would kick it, spin on it, and then spur it – Walt

Memorable Moments:

Recorded live at the Kings Arms II Diner, the diner from Chasing Amy.

Mike and Ming finally deliver Takin’ Hay, Walt plays a clip of Ming daydreaming of Q tearing into a FleshLight.

Podcast award season, TESD wants best overall Pod.

A listener writes in complaining about the show selling so much merch and content.

TESD proposes instead of doing a comic about the 2013 XMAS characters, they would do a stop motion claymation feature ala Rankin Bass.

Bry is at war with a family member.

After some criticism about the Wolf of Wall Street Walt declares 2014 the Year of the Touchy Pusshole.

Walt and family go to see A Christmas Story musical.

Why is Duck Dynasty getting away with comments made last week when Paula Deen was taken down for comments made 25 years ago.


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