#187: The Death of an Ant Part 2

Pod Description:

Walt gives Dirk Diggler a run for his money, TESD plays the very non-derivative game ‘Heard Around the Walter Cooler’


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


Caveat emptor bitch – Walt

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Heard around the Walter-Cooler:

Memorable Moments:

Walt has an out of body experience and enters a time tunnel seeing himself as a baby while having sex with his wife.   Bry tells of his own non sexual out of body experience.

Q wants to do transcendental meditation.

Walt and family go to great wolf lodge, he is suckered into buying Harry Potter wands.

Bry joins Mike and Ming on  the Con circuit, Walt says you could not pay him enough to join in.

Q remembers the movie “Raising the Titanic”  and other Dirk Pitts novels.

Heard The Walter Cooler topics:

  1.  US government launches 1.5M study to find cause of obesity in Lesbians.
  2. It has been discovered that humans have Cro Magnum DNA in them.
  3. Lawyers are committing Suicide at an alarming rate

Walt promises that next week they would play “Quinn it to Win it”, the game finally surfaces many years later during TESD TV

Homo erectus Q defends his choice to fuck a Cro Mag



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