#188: Diarrhea Corn

Pod Description:

TESD suffers a devastating loss, Sunday Jeff is miffed about being tranny tricked.


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Sunday Jeff

Mentioned Person:


“Stitcher, 20-fucking-15, the episode you talk about the molestation!” – Walt to Bry

“You ever been to the Y, you ever shower with another man?” – Walt to Jeff

“Either get on your knees and do something about it or you’re getting a fist in the mouth.” -Sunday Jeff

“When we do call in guests it’s fucking Sunday Jeff time after time.” – Walt

“Can we just call you Jeff Silverlining?” – Walt

“When did he become the right wing lunatic, I thought that was MY gig?” – Walt about Bry

Game Played:

Reoccurring Segment:

Heard Around the Walter Cooler

Memorable Moments:

What Say You wins best new podcast award from Stitcher but TESD loses their category of Best Overall Podcast.  Walt believes it is because their lack of celebrity guests like Chris Hardwick and Joe Rogan have.  Walt brainstorms what to do to win a Stitcher in 2015.

Q talks about how he had Ming read the acceptance speech for What Say You since he and Sal couldn’t be there.  Q wrote in pieces about how if I Sell Comics lost their category he wishes the city of San Francisco would riot and leave many in the audience dead.  He also has Ming shout Tell’Em Steve Dave before walking off.

Q discusses how he can’t even go out for a night out with a friend without waking up to lots of internet rumors the next day.  Rumors abound of Sal being a secret gay.

After asking about the game “I Don’t Have Small Hands” Walt gets many encouraging emails from the LGBT community giving permission to play it.

Precious star is in trouble for repeatedly using the word “Tranny” on Arsenio Hall.

Bry has listened to Ming’s new show with Sam Q: The Zen Librarian and claims it is boring and how awkward it is with him fawning over her looks the whole time.

TESD do one of their most famous and beloved ad reads for Nature Box which ends with Walt mispronouncing all the food names and saying you have to be a douche bag to enjoy this product.

Walt remembers Jeff warning him that the first 10 rows of corn in a field are laced with something that causes diarrhea.

The guys play Heard Around the Walter Cooler with the topics:

  1. A California law will allow students to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with rather than the bathroom of their assigned sex.
  2.  Semen is scientifically found to be good for woman’s health and cure depression.
  3.  NY schools have banned 50 words to be used on tests given in the state including dinosaurs and dancing.

Walt urges Bryan to reveal painful memories so that they can win a Stitcher award.  He also mentions that Bry has endured a painful moment much better than he ever could, referencing the time Bry went on to record scenes for Comic Book Men minutes after finding out Suzanne cheated on him.

Bry recalls a bit he wanted to do early on in TESD where him and Walt would compete to see who could keep a caller on the line the longest as Gay Sex Phone operators.



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