#189: Hittin’ the “T” spot

Pod Description:

TESD announces their biggest project to date. When Bry’s story gets too intimate, Walt & Q abandon him to the poker table


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Brian Quinn

Mentioned Person:


“Keychain sale all dried up.  You sell too much DVD!” – Bry as Ming

“Who’s willing to give me an enema?”  – Bry

“Someone’s rubbin it like maniacally like they are rubbin’ it, rubbin’ it and rubbin’ it for like 60 minutes of claymation delight.” – Walt

“Change your name to Bizzle Quizzle?” – Bry to Q

“Mr. Oz has sworn by the end of production to cut off an appendage.” – Walt

“You’ve had a lot of fingers up your ass in the last calendar year.” – Q to Bry

Game Played:


Reoccurring Segment:

Memorable Moments:

Justin Bieber declares he wants to be known as Bizzle.  Is he unraveling after a year of pissing in buckets and throwing eggs at peoples houses?

Q mentions if it wasn’t for the other Tenderloins he would go back to the Fire Department in a heartbeat.

The Jokers are writing a book for Harper Collins.  Q’s chapter gets returned with notes to make it more positive, that no one want to have the illusion ruined about the guys.  Walt mentions a Fox Sports article he saw interviewing the Jokers and was amazed Q was bitching about how hard his life was.  Walt says he could never record another episode on Free Comic Book day to shit on it while simultaneously being on a comic show.

Claymation Update:  Mr. Oz releases a teaser trailer for the claymation movie.  Walt keeps adding TESD in-jokes wanting to rub your ‘T Spot’ (TESD Spot).  The guys discuss meeting Mr. Oz at the Baltimore Comic Con where CBM filmed the debut of Cryptozoic Man

In an effort to win more podcast awards Walt polls listeners for the 5 most boring topics of discussion in order to prove TESD can make even boring topics listenable.  Many people write in Ming.

Walt gets a note from a listener saying he is tired of TESD trying to make a buck left and right off their fans.

The guys play High/Low on how many prescription drugs Bry is on at the moment for a listener to win a copy of Vinylcast I.  The winning number is 6.

Bry tells a story of how low he has sunk as a human being.  A very difficult case of constipation proves to be resistant to suppositories and enemas and leaves a gloved Bry to take a more “Hands On” approach.  This story sends Walt, Stacy and Q leave the poker table.




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