#191: The Ministers of Truth, Pt. 2

Pod Description:

Bry, Walt & Kev talk about the surprisingly dark history of Dennis the Menace as well as 3rd tier Harvey characters. Bry & Walt watch TUSK! Continued from SModcast 289


Bryan Johnson

Walt Flanagan

Kevin Smith

Mentioned Person:


“You know what Dairy Queen did!?!” – Bry as deformed Hank Ketchum

“You wouldn’t say that if I had big American rod!” – Bry as Ming

“Dennis is done, we’ve met a new menace.” – Kev after DQ drops Dennis in 2001.

“How bout I do a comic called ‘My Dad’s an Asshole.'” – Kevin

“Sarge was lucky to find a dog that looked just like him.” – Kevin

“That’s my secret, I’m always Stombo.” – Kevin

Memorable Moment:

Bry, Walt and Kevin talk about Dennis the Menace and how he was an odd choice as the mascot of a nation wide chain Dairy Queen until 2001, long after he was relevant.  The real Dennis Ketcham had a tragic life story after his dad used him as inspiration for the character involving his mothers death at a young age, being sent away to boarding school and PTSD from the military.  Kevin admits he stole a line from Dennis the Menace to describe Jason Mewes as a ‘Sonic Boom with dirt on it’.  Hank Ketcham spied on Russia.  Kevin pitches a movie called “Menace” where a grown up Dennis goes through some dark shit.

Beetle Bailey vs Sad Sack / Garfield vs Heathcliff discussions.

Walt believes that the Harvey Comics line is under utilized these days with characters including:  Stumbo, Baby Huey, Hot Stuff, and Richie Rich.  Kev imagines a Harvey Cinematic Universe.  Walt remembers playing “Casper” in the bathtub as a young kid using soap and a white wash cloth.  Marvel rips off Harvey with Star Comics.  Royal Roy instead of Richie Rich.

Bry and Walt give their opinions after seeing Tusk.  Kev gives some inside details about the film.

The origins of Dennis the Menace and how he became the face of Dairy Queen.
Richie Rich vs. Royal Roy
Kevin Smith’s new movie, Tusk.
An Ant offers Bry $1,000 to say “”Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave!”” at the end of the claymation movie; Kevin suggests having Liam Neeson say it instead. ”


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